Muirneag SY486

Zulu-type Herring Drifter of Stornoway
in the Western Isles of Scotland

An Exhibition-Quality Scale Model of Muirneag SY486,
Sandy MacLeod's 'Darling Girl'

Muirneag SY486 Scale Model
Monmouth, UK +44(0)7791 087 525 email:

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Starboard quarter Cabin interior Muirneag Starboard Midships interior Forecastle interior
Starboard bow Starboard bow Starboard Bunks in cabin Starboard quarter
Port bow Port side Port side section Starboard stern Rudder
Deck detail Mainmast detail Fish hold detail Skegs etc Bow deck

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Poop deck detail Wheel etc Stern view Skegs etc Skegs etc
Capstan Fore sheet belay Stem Nameplate Fish hold
Mizzen halyard Starboard deck Fish hold Keel support Sails & mizzen mast
Sternpost & rudder Mizzen masthead End of bowsprit Heel of bowsprit Mizzen sheet

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construction, fabrication, assembly

Unfinished hull Hull in jig Unfinished hull Rudder on drawing Cutting brass
Fitting out hull Fitting out hull Poop deck construction Boiler in cabin Triple blocks
Foremast lowered Skegs, foremast lowered Primer on hull Stringers Skegs, thwarts
Stern deck Belaying pin Serving hoist Bunk framing Frame assembly jig

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Keel joint Frame bulkheads Frame assembly Keel in jig Frame cutting
Deck beams Deck planking Boiler flue Boiler and stove Wheel
Capstan Bulwark stringer Bulkhead & frames Mizzen sheet tackle Wheel
Boiler and stove Components Poop deck details Main deck details Main deck planking

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Frame profiles Card templates Foil mask on bow Bow finish-painted Frame in vise Drawplate
Drawing frames Foredeck Framing the hull Planking poop deck Assembling keel
Fixing wale Finished frames Turning boiler Steam iron Cabin

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